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The Craft and Art of Photography
by Al Olson

The mission of this WEB site is to promote photographic art in the Four Corners area of Colorado. Its purpose is to encourage networking amongst serious photographers in the Pagosa Springs area, to expand the exchange of information, to broaden our knowledge of techniques and composition, and to elevate our images from the ordinary to the outstanding.


© 2008  a.c.olson -- WEB author with camera

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© 2009 A. C. Olson -- Cutthroat Towers

© 2009 A. C. Olson -- Cutthroat Towers
Bronica SQ-A Medium Format, 85mm lens
Ilford SFX Infrared film                                               Silver Print

This site features the photography of Al Olson. The emphasis is on monochrome silver prints created in the darkroom from films exposed in medium format and large format cameras. It is the author's belief that negatives made from these larger formats result in a higher quality print.

A special project is the photography of Anasazi ruins. This project highlights the Anasazi architecture with black and white photographs using the unique characteristics of infrared films to add contrast to the vegetation, highlight the stonework, and emphasize the sky.
Another project documents the ghost towns in the Four Corners area. These are communities that miners built in the high elevations during the 1870s, a time when the ores were bountiful and silver prices were high. After the silver crash of 1892, these towns were abandoned, but many of the wooden structures are still standing through all the years and winters of heavy snow.

Included in this project are many of the abandoned mills, mining structures, and various out buildings from over one hundred years ago. The ingenuity and engineering creativity for removing the ores from these mountains are amazing. The miners and their families were a hardy bunch to live at these 11,000 foot altitudes year around. Again monochrome films are used to emphasize the austere struggle that embraced these endeavors.
© 2009  a.c.olson -- Summitville Storm A'brewing 2009

© 2009 A. C. Olson -- Summitville Storm A'brewing
Bronica SQ-A Medium Format, 200mm lens
Ilford SFX Infrared film                                               Silver Print

© 2007  a.c.olson -- Red Rose in a Blue Vase 2007

© 2009 A. C. Olson -- Red Rose in a Blue Vase
Linhof Color 4x5 format, 150mm lens
Ilford HP5+ film                                                     Silver Print

A third project involves still lifes, or what is also known as tabletop photography. The work in this project involves the use of a 4x5" large format, rail camera (the Linhof Color) and studio lighting, usually against a seamless paper background. Subjects include flowers, toys, small pieces of art or sculpture, and various other objects. In some cases the photographs emphasize the macro, thus producing an abstract impression of the actual image.


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