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Black & White Photography

by Al Olson

© 2007  a.c.olson -- Rubrum Lily

Black and white photographs remain popular even in this age of color. There is no other media that conveys mood and drama, and stirs the emotions, like a monochrome image.

Black and white film remains very popular with fine art photographers and with art and photography schools because it is excellent for capturing textures and the nuances of lighting.

Through the control of contrast and tonal range, monochrome media draws attention to the subject using shapes and shadows without the distraction of colorful elements.

While most of my black and white photographs are made with the infrared films, there are times, such as the images on this page, when I use the normal black and white films for finer grain and a smoother tonal range.

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© 2006  a.c.olson -- Fence #2 © 2006  a.c.olson -- Water Flows © 2006  a.c.olson -- Piedra Stone

The following images are scenes from 1956:

© 2005 a.c.olson -- SAE 30, ca. 1956 © 2005 a.c.olson -- Inferno, ca. 1956 © 2005 a.c.olson -- Hot 'n' Cold, ca. 1956 © 2005 a.c.olson -- Soda Fountain, ca. 1956

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