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Nature Photography

by Al Olson

© 2005 a.c.olson -- Falcon in the 'Burbs

Nature photography is usually defined as an image of anything in nature that does not show the hand of man. That is, no bridges, no buildings, no roads, no fences, no telephone lines, etc. It does include wildlife, plants and flowers, and various scenics. Some nature photographers never photograph an animal in the wild, while others specialize in wildlife photos and never photograph flowers and plants.

All of the animals in my nature images are wild and free. None have been in captivity or resided on a game farm.

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© 2005 a.c.olson -- A Gaggle of Goslings 2001 © 2005 a.c.olson -- The Stalker 1999 © 2005 a.c.olson -- Goose Down 2002 © 2005 a.c.olson -- Challenged Passage 1986

© 2005 a.c.olson -- Sego Lily 2004

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