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Pricing for Black and White Infrared Photos

These prices are for prints created in the darkroom. All darkroom prints are printed on silver gelatin paper. Fiber-base silver gelatin prints are available for a 50% surcharge on the print price. Matted prints will be mounted on archival quality foam core board, using 3Mís archival quality adhesive and a white 100% cotton rag non-buffered board for the matte, unless otherwise specified.

Each of the images featured on the Monochrome Infrared Photography page are being issued in a limited edition of 15, maximum count, to include all sizes sold.

To order, please send an email to me at the address below.

Print Size Price -- print only Matte Size Price -- print matted
Print Size Price -- print only Matte Size Price -- print matted
8x10 $75 11x14 $95
11x14 $125 16x20 $155
16x20 $195 22x28 $235
6x14 panoramic $140 12x20 $165
9x20 panoramic $195 16x28 $225

Please note that the actual size of the image may be smaller than one of the dimensions of the paper it is printed on. This is because photo paper sizes correspond, more or less, to a 4:5 aspect ratio while the format of the original or the cropped image may be a different ratio. For example, a full 35mm frame has an aspect ratio of 2:3. To print this format on 11x14 paper would result in a 9.5x14 image. It is priced as though it were a full 11x14 image.

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To order, contact:

Al Olson
(970) 731-9801