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Photo-Artiste Wallpapers

The images on this page are sized to be used for wallpaper on your personal computer. You are welcome to download any that you like. They are free! There is no charge for personal use. But please note:
All of the images on this page are copyrighted.
They are licensed for individual use only. Downloading these images for resale or republication is illegal and is a violation of copyright law.
See tooltip on thumbnail for copyright information.

Click on image to see the downloadable wallpaper. The images are sized to a width of 1024 pixels.

© 2005 a.c.olson -- Heceta Head

This lighthouse sits on a headland overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is located on the coast between Yachats and Florence, Oregon. The image was made in the twilight following a very vibrant sunset as I watched the sun sink into the ocean. The lighthouse light makes a rotation approximately every eight seconds. I made a number of exposures by waiting for a flash and then counting "one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, ... , one-thousand-eight", and then clicking the shutter. I was amazed when the film was processed that I captured the flash on every single frame.

© 2005 a.c.olson -- Silverton Moonglow

This image was made in December, 2004, on a special trip that I made to Silverton to capture the full moonrise. During the months of December and January the full moon rises far enough north to appear in the notch of the mountains to the east of Silverton. The best light for photographing a full moon with terrestial detail and lights properly exposed is during the twilight period following the sunset.

I had obtained the time for the moonrise from the US Naval Observatory site and estimated another 15 minutes to clear the mountains. I was wrong, it takes over 45 minutes for the moon to appear. By the time it was above the mountains, the twilight had disappeared and the brightness was too strong to balance an exposure for the detail on the moon with the lights on the ground. This caused the moon to be excessively bright ("blown out" as we say). However, the image makes good wallpaper.

© 2005 a.c.olson -- Star Trails

This image was made in July, 2005. I was making some late twilight photos on 4x5 sheet film to capture the mountain tops (Pagosa Peak) and the star trails above the mountains. This was a long exposure (10 minutes). While too dark for a fine arts print, this image makes excellent wallpaper. There are no objects that are too distracting to obscure the icons on the desktop. Download and check it out.

© 2005 a.c.olson -- Night at Port Angeles

This image was made in April, 2005. While attending a jazz festival in Port Angeles, Washington, I had made arrangements to remain a day after the festival to do some photography around the Olympic Peninsula. That evening while I was set up to make some twilight photographs of the Port Angeles harbor I could not have been more thrilled to have an hour and a quarter of the most dazzling, changing colors in the sky. This is another image that makes excellent wallpaper. Download and check it out.

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